Documentary shorts for ReHERIT


Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe



Documentary shorts for ReHERIT


ReHERIT is a project dealing with cultural heritage in Ukraine. Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe in Lviv is one of the project’s partners. Their team approached us with an idea to create a series of documentary shorts on the topic “What could be heritage?”.



Firstly, together with the Center for Urban History team, we searched for stories — the ones with unusual cases of heritage and people willing to speak about them. This way, we formed six plots including stories about 90s family video, restored entrance doors, and even a microdistrict.

Our further work included:

  • script development;
  • shooting plan and logistics;
  • filming interviews, objects of heritage, and relevant locations;
  • editing and postproduction (color grading, graphics, subtitles);
  • teaser for a video series.



We created six documentary shorts and a teaser for a series Discovering Heritage. This series of videos became one of the media outputs of the ReHERIT project, which lasted from 2018 through 2021.

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