Online courses about wine for OpenMind Academy


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Online courses about wine for OpenMind Academy


OpenMind Academy presents online courses about contemporary hobbies. The project started with wine courses, hosted by Roman Remeev, Chef-Sommelier of GoodWine stores network.  



One of the key tasks was to develop a format — it had to be entertaining, dynamic, with practical advice and specific examples. That’s how online wine tasting came about: the viewers were encouraged to buy wine mentioned in the course and sample it along with a sommelier. 

We also:

  • prepared scripts based on input from a sommelier; 
  • devise shooting plan and logistics;
  • shoot and edit online course;
  • develop a complete set of graphics — intro, titles, animated icons, visuals, etc.
  • provide post-production;
  • create promotional materials — teasers with resizing for different platforms.



We made two online courses — introductory Wine Simple and a more detailed one about wines of Italy. Both courses can be purchased at the OpenMind Academy platform. 


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