Animated promo videos for Mystetskyi Arsenal


Mystetskyi Arsenal



Animated promo videos for Mystetskyi Arsenal


Mystetskyi Arsenal is a national cultural and museum complex, one of the leading art locations of Kyiv and Ukraine. We have created animated promotional videos in different styles for these exhibitions and festivals:


Arsenal of Ideas was an interdisciplinary education project for children, teenagers, and adults. We created an animation based on the visual identity of the event.


In a promotional video for the exhibition Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit. Overcoming Gravity, we reflected upon the artist’s life story and made a collage animation using her photographs and other works.


Book Arsenal is an international festival and one of the biggest literary events in Ukraine. In 2019, ATAKA agency and designer Lera Guevska developed new branding for the event, and we implemented it in the animation.


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