Music documentary «Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven»





Music documentary «Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven»


The idea to make a documentary about Ukrainian rock band Dymna Sumish was conceived in the summer of 2017. That is when the musicians reunited after years of hiatus, and we decided to record several live music videos, which developed into a feature-length documentary. 



It all started with music lives, which we wanted to shoot in an unusual location. So we came up with the idea to do it on a barge floating down the Dnipro river. Logistics was everything — we had to rent a barge, plan the route, find and deliver all music and shooting equipment. 

Later, we filmed extended interviews with the musicians, filmed several concerts in different cities, and realized that we have material for a documentary feature. It started a long stage of searching and digitizing archive photos and videos of the band, editing, sound mixing, and postproduction. 

That’s how Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven happened. 



The film premiered in November 2017 at Kyiv cinema with a sold-out and additional screening at Kinopanorama. The movie received many reviews from journalists and musicians, and in January 2018 was shown in the cinema network Planeta Kino in Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Kyiv. 

Currently, you can watch the full movie on YouTube.


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